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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Surgery went great

He came thru with flying colors. I really appreciate all the prayers, I could definitely feel them. Most in that he was not cranky for not getting to eat and only having some juice up until 9 am. He just was a little fussy at getting told no when he couldnt pull cords or push the nurse button. So that was a great relief.

He took a little longer in the recovery area as he was just worn out and wanted to sleep. We couldnt go home until he had woken up and had something to drink. We eventually had to encourage him to wake up and stay up and then we finally left after 4 pm. Lets just say it was a loong afternoon.

Gideon is moving a little slower than normal but seems to be happy to be home and happily drinking his milk!

Thanks for praying


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