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Friday, May 30, 2008

a little unreal

Today is Andrews first day at the new job. So we begin a new chapter in our lives.

It felt very odd getting up so late and still having time to have a fairly relaxed morning. Well there was the crazyness of getting the school kids to brush their hair and teeth and find socks but still.

I made Andrew breakfast and he had time to sit and check some tech news and leisurely get his stuff together. It certainely felt very different. Normally its how quickly can he grab his stuff and get out the door, maybe throw an egg sandwich at him as he goes out the door.

Now I look outside and see the car sitting there and it just is out of character for our typical day. Andrew took his bike this morning and Im reminded what a blessing this new job is, in that he does have the ability to ride his bike.

I think we both had given up on finding a job here in town that paid enough for him to work close to home. Yet God took that desire and fulfilled it in his time, Praising him in his goodness.

Gideon has recovered nicely from his surgery, other than a post surgery ear infection. That fever the day after , panicked us for a bit but no problems thankfully.

We all have been busy with end of the year school thing:band concerts, field trips, projects etc. So I think the kids are all looking forward to a summer off here in another week. I will be going to Seattle next weekend as well, so trying to arrange all those details as well.

Im in the process, mentally at least, of figuring out a summer schedule. I suspect it needs to be a bit more structured than I like. Loose structure but breakfast and lunch at a certain time, a time limit to finish chores by, free time from this point to this point;that kind of thing.

God is good ... all the time


  • At 10:12 AM, Blogger Bren said…

    Thanks for the update! Praying that you are feeling well also!


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