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Monday, August 25, 2008


I distinctly do not like schedules and routines, well strict ones anyway. Unfortunely, especially with a large family, its a necessity of life. So I have adapted it to make it flexible but firm enough to work for me.

Today was the first day of getting back to the school routine. This week is sort of a practice run as there is no "real" bus to catch. Lets just say this morning was a work in progress. The majority of the children did not respond politely to being asked to get up at 615 am. I also created a shower schedule too , making sure that no one sneaks under the radar on that front. Add in earlier bedtimes and the children are a tad grumpy.

Its a little different this year. Previous years Andrew pretty much was out the door to work before the majority of the kids arose. This year hes still at home, leaving after the last ones go to school unless he starts earlier. Ooo tag team parenting, Im not sure the kids are liking it lol.

But the earlier wake up times, allowed most of the chores(cept for Josiahs as he had practice) were done early enough to have some fun. They played wii this morning. We had our typical quiettime and nap for Gideon. Then off we went to get slushies and took them to a park to play. This was something I have wanted to do all summer and finally got around to accomplishing it.

A late supper(although very yummy) led to a more crammed in evening then, trying to ready all the troops for the earlier bedtimes. Everyone but the two eldest are in bed, settled down for the evening. I suspect I will enjoy this aspect once again. Having the majority of the munckins up til 9 in the summer was tiring at times.

Tommorrow, Gideon has therapy again and I have a prenatal. Josiah has afternoon practice and katarina is off babysitting. So whatever we do will have to be in between other stuff. Im thinking maybe some uno games or drawing outside with chalk. Its always more fun if mom comes out and draws too!

God is good ... all the time


  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger Michelle said…

    My kids hate it that I insist on keeping our normal bedtime and uptime routines even through the summer. That means for most of them getting in bed before the sun goes down. But it saves me so much in the sanity department as I get to keep my "me time" in the later evening. We started school today too... I'm not ready for it! LOL


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