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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Its harder than I thought.

I mistakenly thought it would be easier with just 3 kids home during the morning. (Ezekiel has half day morning kidnergarten). Its just not, at least this week anyway.

I'm sure its a combination of factors -- I just dont remember it being this hard last year. Most of it probably has to do with the fact that Gideon is 2 and a half. Add to that the fact hes developmentally delayed, non verbal and super tall and well its a bit of a disaster. I also think it hit me harder since the summer was pretty easy. Gideon has lots of brothers and sisters around to play with and entertain him. Now its just Zemirah and Elaura at home. He finds great delight in taunting Zemirah, stealing her toys or pulling her hair. She adds to the fun by reacting strongly and thus fuels Gideons desire to do it more. He loves Elaura and is a bit nicer to her but can just about squeeze her to death. He will take toys from her too! It fast becomes a looong day when he is "feisty"~!

Ive always encouraged the kids to learn to play by themselves rather than me being the sole entertainer. They learned great imagination and to play with each other. Yes, it did mean sometimes more messes or crazy schemes gone wrong but it worked okay. They often would play in an adjoining room while I did the dishes or got laundry done. We'd stop and read a book here and there and snuggle during some quiet times but all in all they were on the go.

Gideon just doesnt work well with this style. He needs far more direction and encouragment to not be naughty. Im slowly working my way up to figuring out how to keep him with me at all times AND get the dishes and laundry and housework and paperwork done. He does help me do the dishes(read he tries to get into everything he can reach on the stool) and he likes to help me bake. Im trying to figure out how to do this and still keep my sanity (whats left of it anyway).

Hes far more challenging this year than last. I realized last year he had only started to walk 2 months before school started. So he was far less mobile, 3 inches shorter and a little bit more managable. Hes a big guy, well over 3 ft tall and 42 lbs!!!

I think a bigger part of this is my mental battle. I tend to want "my" space and a little bit of freedom from the kiddos. And Im mourning the loss of that with Gideon. He is only taking up to an hour(usually 45 min) nap maybe 3 days a week if Im lucky. So there really isnt much downtime from the gigantor!

Its just a hard stage right now.



  • At 10:15 AM, Blogger Julie said…

    Hang in there- i know about having to have them there right by your side all the time! It is annoying but my G feels the need to be part of my body when we are at home. Hang in there!


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