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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder why I fight so hard against routine and schedules. It almost always helps keep things on track and in the right direction. I guess its the implementing that is really difficult and the staying on schedule that I dont enjoy so much.

My nature is a bit laid back and Id much rather do things later. Can anyone say procrastinator? So it doesnt come naturally to schedule and stick to routine.

The family is still adjusting to the school year schedule and I "know" it will be harder next week when school actually starts. But so far so good. Getting up earlier to exercsie (yeah I know, i still dont like it) has been really good in terms of getting more accomplished.

One of the big changes is making sure the house is at least tidy in the evening. So at 7 pm, the kids get into jammies and do their chore room. That way the house is in decent shape when they leave for school in the morning. I found last year, it never worked well trying to squeeze chores in before school started. Another implementation is going to be making sure shoes, socks and outfits are laid out the night before. We always start this the first week but Im trying to keep this going year round. Finding matching socks and both shoes was a big challenge last year! This in theory is to switch the hunt to the night before where there is more time to look. Ive been keeping various boxes and things, to decorate this weekend for their "spot". That way each child has a place to locate the stuff.

I plan on keeping the menu plan as well. We did two weeks at a time and it seemed to work out well. Hopefully a little easier on the next run as 6 of the kids will be eating lunch at school!!

We have a shower schedule going and planned out. Zechariah is in charge of those reminders and helping the little kids with their bath. He gets an hour of computer on saturday for taking on that task. Nathaniel is in charge of the teeth brushing schedule and reminding big people and helping little people. He , too, earns an hour of computer a week for this. So I found a bit more delegation is helping too!

Still working on my daytime schedule for when the kids are at school. Hopefully that will fall into place. One of my goals this year is to make it to storytime at the library. Its easy to stay sequestered at home and not load everyone up and out.

well thats all for now folks, God is good ... all the time!



  • At 8:25 AM, Blogger Amy said…

    I love schedules! Well, I like to make them. I don't do a good job of sticking with them!


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