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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Its been a long time since I posted here but I guess today I just felt like blogging.

Most days go by in our household without a real sense of noticing Gideons disablity. Things have been incorapated into our life like his compression stocking or his braces but he can walk fine without them as well. So apart from putting them on in the morning -- it doesnt make much of a difference in our day.

His vocabulary is expanding rapidly - at least 250 or 300 words. He says most in single word shots like car, road, bad. That means that going out in the road with the cars is bad. He gets the concept of having to stay in the yard and not going into the road. He can say some 2 or 3 word phrases like jump down or more milk. He often comes in and says sorry before hes even caught for doing something naughty. Still he can communicate fairly easily his wants and desires. Its not often anymore that I dont know what he wants or needs from me.

At home, the structure is loosely defined. We generally keep to the same type of schedule. Gideon generally knows what to expect and when. Its not until we go somewhere, out of our norm, that his disablities are more glaring. Its not that they arent there at home, they are, but its just far more pronounced when we are elsewhere.

We went to the Forest City Stockade event today and enjoyed ourselves. Though just after we got there, Gideon was already asking to go home. Thats pretty standard for him away from home, when the schedule is disrupted. He did okay for the first hour or so. There was a barn that had some old tools, a cannon, a carriage and some wooden horses in the stall area. He was fascinated with the wooden horses. He wanted to pet them and touch them and go back into the barn over and over again. It was cooler in there as well, since it was more shaded. So that may have been part of the allure as well.

There were far more fit throwings, behavior challenges and redirections. At one point, he started touching everyone he passed or hitting at them. Yep, time to get out of there!

As a family,we used to be able to plan a days worth of things to do without much trouble. Yes, finding time and places for littles to nap was challenging but in general, the kids were flexible. Gideon , just cant do the same, as the other little ones could. This is where I remember his special needs and remember that he has a disablity. Just a little challenge to work around, I guess. We just have to plan more breaks or find sitters so he can stay home. I dont want to stop taking him out though, he needs that as well.

And he does like to go, its just the amount of time that he enjoys staying away from home is shorter.



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