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Monday, September 28, 2009

This years goals

Its taken me a few weeks to find my spot and figure out how things would shake out. The kids are settling into a routine and Im finding one of my own.

I have a few goals for each day and they are in the order that I accomplish them.
  1. Clean the kitchen and load dishwasher -- this includes picking up, sweeping, and mopping. After that as time allows(up til 1030) declutter island, counters and clean the stove.
  2. Laundry -- wash, dry and fold at least 4 loads a day
  3. Clean the upstrs -- this includes picking up the living rm, hallway and bathroom. Vaccuming and sweeping. If time allows, then tackling the little kids bedrooms with their help as well. (up til 1130)
  4. Read my section in my daily Bible
  5. Clean the downstrs - this includes the stairs, family room and bathroom. This time goal is to be done by 3 pm.

Thus far Ive been able to accomplish most of the first 4 goals. I havent gotten fast enough to get to goal number 5!! Im trying also to start lunch by 1130 and supper by 4 pm. That way it becomes more of a scheduled habit. I find if I can at least pick up once a day in each of the rooms, afternoon and evening chores go soo much smoother.

Once I master this routine and get it going well, then I will begin adding in more goals. Such as dusting,washing walls, cleaning out fridges and microwave. Stuff like that! Im trying to figure out how to do big projects too such as cleaning the storage room or my bedroom. Things that take more than an hour and really need a significant chunk or all of the day.

God is good ... all the time!



  • At 9:48 AM, Blogger Mare said…

    As time allows, I'd like to get to know you more by reading your blogs. My family and I are also believers in Jesus so I was excited to read more on your blog (through Amy's). I love Gideon's name! If my parents had a boy, my dad wanted to name him Gideon, but he had four girls.

  • At 8:08 AM, Blogger MJ said…

    Hi Mare!

    Thanks for stopping over here. As you can see, this blog suffered a bit :) while keeping the other updated but I do plan to post here again too.

    Im very excited that you are a fellow believer :) Andrew was given Gideons name before he was even born. Hes pretty special!

  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Mare said…

    It's been fascinating to read about your life with 10 kids, the reality, and the humor! Email me if you wish. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! God bless you all!


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