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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Completely Zapped

Its been a long day already, the bulk of the day was taken up with fighting the school over an issue and there was also dance class thrown in there.

Have gotten nowhere with the principal, so I have escalated it up to the next leval the superindentent. I just want him moved into another 5th grade classroom but apparently thats like moving mountains by hand or somthing. Anyway it has completley zapped my energy level which wasnt at its best either thanks to Zemirah.

She was up a lot last night, not really wanting to nurse but cryign sure seemed like fun to her. Im not sure if its teeth or whatnot, but she didnt seem to settle in for the long haul until 6 am, when i needed to get up at 6. Oh she slept some during the night, but the awake periods are stuck in myhead.

So Im wiped out, house is trashed, kids are grumpy, I'm grumpy and nothing is resolved as far as the school goes. Definitely not my day!


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