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Monday, February 27, 2006

It will be an interesting week

Started out the morning discovering cayenne pepper in the coffee resevoir. One of my darling children apparently thought it funny to spike moms coffee... ha ha. Josiah admitted to it and then recanted so im not exactly sure which one was the culprit.

Then preteen attitude reared its ugly head this morning. Its rather amusing at times to watch a 12 yr old stomp her feet and insist she isnt grounded and that "shes not going to do what i say". Hmm I suspect shes feeling a bit out of control this morning.

Today also marks the start of 3 days suspension for 2 of my boys on the bus. Elijah's crime was just plain not sitting and getting out of his seat and climbing all around. But since it was his 4th offense he gets more days. Nathaniels was more severe, he was fighting with Josiah at the bustop and on teh bus. Sigh ... Im at my wits end with these boys. They owe me slave chores for every day i have to drive them. And so does ms.attitude for this morning. Should be a "FUN" monday night!


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