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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Andrew talked with his student again last night. Things are looking hopeful and the hiring manager would like to talk with andrew once a few things are settled with the business aspect. So it may not be today but the possibility is exciting nonetheless.

The mortgage person said he would working on our file yesterday and today , so im hoping maybe to hear back today but tommorrow for sure.

The realtor from church is coming by on wednesday, I have much more confidence in her giving me an accurate picture. Its amazing how people i didnt know were suddenly brought into my circle of life. People who are believers. God is good ... its another lesson in learning to wait in his time.

I really really want to move but I have to trust God that if now is not the right time, that another will come. I think im getting past the impatient stage and settling in on waiting more for God. Still a bit anxious but my God is bigger than all this and I have to trust that he has the best in mind for me.

Busy week ahead with lots to do, girl scout cookie booth sale tonite, blue/Gold banquet tonite as well. Doctor appt, dance class, realtor appt , all tommorrow. And fifty billion cookies yet to deliver ... hmmm can i sleep now?


  • At 8:39 AM, Blogger Tamara said…

    That is just wonderful news about the house. I love how God leads! I was sitting next to a woman in church I had recently met and lamenting about how hard it would be to find a house in our price range. Come to find out, she was a real estate agent! She actually prayed with us over our search for houses and all along the process. Not only did we find mulitple houses we loved, but we ended up paying 15K less on a house than we were willing to. Amazing how God works. (We just moved into our new house in January - so I completely empathize, as we only have 1 baby!)


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