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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Overly emotional and stubborn too!

Im feeling more emotional lately. Not sure what thats all about but i get that trait from my granny. She is my favorite grandma and I love her dearly. Heres proof that the crying gene comes from Granny :) I call her, have a normal conversation, everyone is well, no crisis' and when we hang up, she always cries. Every single time. We leave her house, the same thing, more tears.

This ultra crying gene is great, when you want to cry or are sad, its a crapshoot when you are really mad and all you can do is cry when you really want to give someone a piece of your mind.

I get my stubborn gene from Papa, hes also my favorite grandfather. This man refuses to have open heart surgery even though they said "he needs 5 or 6 bypasses". Nothing was changing his mind, not even me, his favorite grandaughter. He once told me the story of how i had to have a bushel of tomatoes, right then and there ona trip to a neighboring city, even though, they were cheaper back in town, even though we had tons in the garden. Nothing was detering me from those tomatoes.

This stubborn gene comes in handy when dealing with 8 darling children, they still think they can outlast me. I smile and think, yeah right ... "Never match wits with a mother when control is on the line"This stubborn gene has its drawbacks as you imagine, when it comes time to say im sorry , when it comes time to humble myself and back down ... well it just doenst help much then.


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