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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A new baby

No IM not pregnant. But our cockatiels have laid their 2nd egg this week and this one didnt crack! So we are off on a new adventure in our family.

Meeting with the realtor went very well yesterday despite the house not being stellar. I felt very at ease with her, she interacted with the little ones and I have confidence that she will give us an accurate picture of this house and what to do with it. Im not necessarily wanting to list it ... but if thats the best option for getting us out and into another ... thats what we will do. Rather than going with the ugly house people that is.

Still havent heard anything from the mortgage guy ... but its only been 2 days, so thats not a biggie.

I actually get to stay home part of the day today ...woohoo ... Im tired of being in the van more than I am home this week.

Dentist appts for two of the kids today ... they managed to get the entire family in in the next week or so, unfortunely over numerous days. Soo more running.

May God fill your day today with joy and peace! Thats all folks!


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