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Monday, May 22, 2006

Just when you think no one is reading :)

A friend pops along and reminds you, yes there are those out there reading the daily miscellany of a large family.

Katarina is off to camp this week with her 6th grade class. We were not sure we were going to let her go(read 6th grade boys and girls cocamping together lol) but in the end we let her go. Shes pretty feisty so i dont doubt she can hold her own. I miss her already(she only left this morning) but its amazing what missing one elder girl can do to a house mostly filled with boys.

Nothing really new on the house front, still plodding away, doing usually 1-2 showings a week, roughly. So we are getting people coming thru, tis a matter of finding that right buyer. Keep praying folks, our hearts really are in winsted, mn.

Andrew has a couple of job leads right now, still far out on the horizon, is the winsted job his student keeps telling him will be coming, he heard briefly from the college coordinator today bout a tech opening at the college and he has an interview this week for an opening in another department in the minneapolis fed. The interviews went well in Chicago, but no word back on that opportunity.

So we keep plodding away here. Andrew is going to the boundary waters in the first week of June. Our new church in winsted, is taking a bunch of guys up and doing it really cheap. So hes raring to go. My deal was that i want a trip this summer to seattle. My best friend from high school lives there and ive promised to visit forever, plus i have a few online buddies up that direction id love to meet as well.

Well thats enough for now,



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