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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Grand total of the day

Is .....

17 boxes! I know it doesnt seem like a lot, but it was definitely a full days effort. The nice part is im still caught up on laundry(most of its packed lol) and will only have a load to do in the morning, once everyone ditches their clothes from today.

I am utterly exhausted. Thankfully two kids went over to sleep at a friends house, they each have friends their own age in that family and im good friends with th emom as well. That takes care of the sleepover for those kids, whew!

I know i wont pack any more boxes tonite, if i can muster up the energy, im going to start going thru papers but thats about it. Andrew is teaching tonite, his last class of the summer and then hes off from that job til october. It will be nice having him home on monday nights again but we will definitely miss that paycheck :)

When we move, we will be 30 minutes from teh college he teaches at and Im strongly considering going there either possibly this fall yet or next fall. Andrew is still considering going back for his masters, he cant teach any other classes at the college until he has it, and of course he loves learning. Hes a natural at it and gets good grades pretty easily, me on the other hand has to work a little harder for some decent grades.

Well thats it for this post, i have another theme post brewing in my head for later!


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