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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Easier said than done

Quite often people, very often of the elder sort, remind me that the kids wont be little forever and to enjoy it while it lasts. When in the midst of temper tantrums, physical fights, arguments and the not so joyous moments of childhood, its hard to remember that.

But today i suceeded at least in a little bit. I arranged to do a playdate at the park with some lovely women of the church. So it really was nice to fellowship with them while the kids played. We had some lunch and quiet time. Then in a rare moment of inspiration i tagged one of them and the game of tag was on. I dont particularly enjoy being outside even on such a beautiful summer day, so i often have to force my desire to stay inside and read and go outside instead. But i do enjoy tag, even though they are much faster these days. And it reminds me why i like having all these kids, the laughter, the smiles and the joy of them. Too often its easy to get bogged down in negotiations or instructing them for the millionith time to wear shoes outside. May God provide more of these moments, after all he made them!~

It was nice, after the game of tag, i grabbed my lawnchair and hung outside with the kiddos, the little ones enjoyed some running around as well.

Well thats all for now folks


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