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Monday, August 21, 2006

Musings of a (part timer) working mom

First off, my hats off to all of you who work full time and are parents. Man, I am sooo glad that I wont be doing full time hours. I am utterly exhausted, can barely think straight let alone take care of the kids effectively, make supper etc. I do have to say, today was unusual, i got up at 430 with andrew, took a shower, then eventually got the two little ones up, and to the sitter by 645 am. My normal work hours will be evenings from 3 to 9 and no where near full time status.

I was on the road at 710, and got there around 830 and managed to not get lost. Although the ride home wasnt as kind, some of the exits werent labeled the same so i missed two of them and had to turn around and get back on the right exit. Thankfully i learned how to take the next exit to turn around and didnt get too far gone.

Training was okay, a lot of sitting, a lot of paperwork, forms, even tests blech! We went over tons of policies too. The afternoon session brought more scenario based discussions but all of us in the group were pretty ready to go home by that point. We did our best though. Was disapointed to find we didnt get out til nearly 4, i thought the session went to 3. Tommorrow is supposedly more hands on, some nursing stuff, like pulse checking, and learning the wheelchair lift. At least that location is right next to dairy queen!

I was nervous driving, but the training session wasnt too bad, it wasnt long and i was cracking jokes a bit. The worst part was sitting all day, ouch my body aches.

One more day to go,


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