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Friday, August 11, 2006

God provides time and time again

I know i shouldnt be amazed but I am somtimes at how God just knows what we need, when and how. He continues to bless us this season and I am incredibly thankful that i am indeed one of his children.

I got the job, they basically hired me on the spot. I went thru a informal interview of questions but it became clear that they did want to hire me. At the end they asked if i had any qustions, im like um when you do you plan to make your decision, they smiled at each other, and said we already did. The pay itself is indeed a blessing, its 10 bucks an hour, which seems like a mint to me since i currently make my currency in non dollar things. Its totally a God thing, again he led me to the right place, right time. And the hours work, they are evening from 3 to 9 or 3 to 11.

Today we were blessed again by some loving church members, who provided some really nice matching dressers and mowed our lawn for just the cost of gas. It amazes me time and again to see such love pour out on us. God is soo good .. all the time.


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