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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Perpentual Cycle

Elijah came home yesterday afternoon with dirrehea, and he already had been throwing up two days before, and been declared better. Sigh ... 3 am ... Ezekiel wakes up throwing up, so now hes down for the count.

But if we count the ones who had been sick last week and this week, that only leaves katarina to get it. Thankfully she has a pretty strong immune system and usually escapes these things.

It does get old fast though. Already fighting with the 3 yr old over eating and drinking. He declares he doesnt want to be sick, its boring. Nice try, buddy, but it doesnt work that way! Zemirah isnt liking that ezekiel has prominence over my lap either. She has been pretty frustrated this morning and not afraid to let me know it. Elijah seems mostly better, but I kept him home to be safe, since the school secretary said shes been seeing this all week, kids come back that are better , just to turn around and be ill again. Fun virus i guess.

Not looking forward to calling into work and telling them I cant come in but it must be done. Im assumign my sitter wont want to come and deal with the sickies, so since andrew wont get home til most likely 6, thats the earliest i could go in. Its too much for Katarina to deal with, sooo I get the fun of calling them. Hopefully they will be understanding and not pains about it. But i know we have 3 people out already right now, so its not a great time to add another.

Guess will have to try to make a blessing out of staying home tonite, at least for part of the night~

God is still good ... all the time!


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