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Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Ariana!

My middle girl,shes not the baby girl anymore:(, is 6 today! She seemed to enjoy the presents we got her, so im happy bout that. With all the hospital stuff, havent managed to pull off her party plans just yet, but ill work on that tommorrow.

Andrew is home from the hospital, Praising God he is doing better. We learned today though, that its likely going to be a full month before hes fully recovered. This infection really took a lot out of his immune system. He does a little bit and hes very tired easily and very weak. Doctor told him to stay home from work all this week and only if he feels up to it, half time next week. That really puts a perspective on how serious this illness really was. Still praising God that he is begining to heal his body!

Well off to make a cake with ariana and deal with the rest of the crazyness that this household brings!


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