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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Up and down we go

Feel like im on a teeter totter ride,and I want to get off!

Andrew really seems to go thru periods of feeling mostly well and then, esp nighttime, get struck with bad bouts of pain and fever again. Although he said " He was feeling better and felt silly", when he got up this morning, i said well its time to go to ER anyway and figure out what the heck is causing the teeter totter ride to go faster.

It really was good that we went in today, his diverticulits is getting worse, although not to the "scary" leval as the doc put it. His fever definitely was going up, it was 101.5 when i left today. So they did admit him, not exactly where I want him to be,b ut indeed the best place to kick this disease in the butt. Plus its easier for them to manage his pain , than it is here at home.

Its been a long day, 6 hrs in the ER, before they took him back to a room and this is the 2nd visit this week there. Hopefully now they can figure out how to treat this, so he gets better

My mind is continueing to go a mile a minute here, so im going to end. Please pray that God heals him and that he can come home soon!


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