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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post holiday musings

Christmas was nice, a bit tiring and busylike but thats par for the course with some holidays. It was nice staying home and celebrating with just our little (haha) family but with that comes then playing all the new games and toys! So we played some clue, yahtzee and scene it.

Wasnt entirely impressed with scene it, could be that I just dont remember a lot of those little details from movies, so I wasnt very good at it. Loved clue, havent played that in years and years, and forgot exactly how much fun it was. Yahtzee was always fun :)

Most of the gifts we gave seemed to be a hit. Ezekiel alternated between Elmo,cars and dinosaurs. Ariana has been riding her broom horse pretty much half the day. The older kids are enjoying Elijahs generousity with his new snowboard, he of course enjoys the extra attention. Zemirah really seemed to like her goldilocks weeble cottage, so does everyone else it seems. The middle two got gameboy micros, and they love those! So all in all, we seemed to pick some winners. Its always a challenge to find something that suits their unique personalities.

Some lessons learned: its important not to hurry loading the dishwasher the day before xmas because then on xmas when you want to be playing your brand new video game, you might just find yourself rewashing dishes by hand; hitting your brother over a game might just result in you losing your new heroscape sets and gameboy games; complaining bout being the only one doing dinner chores might just result in you being the sole one doing it the very next meal and finally learnign that dipping your sisters slipper in the toilet might result in bad things.

So far, its not been too crazy having everyone home from school but much more bustling for sure. In the afternoons, im used to only having two kids home, one sleeping and the other to entertain, so it most certainly wasnt quiet yesterday afternoon. We are taking it much lower key, watching movies, playing games, going outside to play and then doing the chores once a day. Seems to work okay.

Unfortunely I have to work tonite, so that puts a damper on the week. God is still good though, that doesnt change :)



  • At 9:19 PM, Blogger Angi said…

    YOu know what gets me.... when the gifts I didn't really give too much thought to, like the dart board, get more attention than the ones I really pndered on getting right. Sheesh.


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