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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tougher day

Its likely everything starting to catch up to me. But the first 2 hours of the day were nonstop argueing,fighting, discliplining and all that fun. Katarina is off doing bible quizzing today, so I dont even have her general possitive attitude. But things eased as the chores got done, the boys got some gameboy time and thus went the day.

The people in my church have been fantastic. I feel so loved and cared for. They are making sure I have meals, babysitting if need it, and just overall general support. That is Christs love in the flesh. God is soo good ... all the time!

The part they cant help with , is one of the harder things for me to deal with, the emotions. I just plain miss Andrew. I enjoy spending time together, talking with him, dealing with the kids together and just b eing us. Its why i stay up late, til i cant keep my eyes open anymore, its why I dont sleep so well when hes not here. Its something that makes our marriage awesome but yet its not something tangible. Im glad hes where he can get better, but it doesnt make the longing to have him home any less.

God is still good ... all the time!


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