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Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Fancy

I dont often post bout work, try not to get too much out there on a public blog but last night was rough. We had only 2 workers on, normally have 3, so that made the challenges even more fun to deal with. One particular client, spent 2 hours undressing over and over again. Normally after 15 min or so, she is redirectable to another outfit or somthing but not last nite. At one point she threw her clothing out the front door even. Finally she calmed down enough to leave pants and brief on with a blanket around her shoulders. This was definitely a pick your battles moment. She finally settled down and went to bed like that, but hey she stayed semi dressed and asleep, so we counted our blessings!

Its the end of the vacation week, the kids now only have monday off. Its kinda weird, after being in a district where they had 2 full weeks off for them to go back already. Its been good though, I think they are annoyed at the little tasks I have made sure they ahve time to do, but the house is pretty tidy, which is nice. They also have played lots of clue, monopoly and scene it, all games they got for christmas. And of course, the gameboys too!

Have a doc appt today, so hopefully Ill get a date for the leval 2 ultrasound. The baby is kicking quite a bit, so Im not too worried bout him.

Thats all for now folks!


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