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Monday, December 18, 2006

Sugar cookie fest

I didnt actually count, but im pretty sure we made a good 10-12 dozen sugar cookies. 3 hours of baking mayhem lol. It wasnt too bad, cept for most of the time I was solo, as dh was off doing a xmas tree stand. So trying to keep 3 workstations rolled out with dough, supervising the younger set, and pulling cookies out ouf the oven was tough. It was a bit easier at the end, when dh came in and helped finish up the last of the dough. I do enjoy the sugar cookies, but man they are a lot of work! We made 3 double batches!

The younger two are already jonesing for cookies this morning, I suspect that will be an issue most of today!

Thankfully everyone is pretty healthy here. Zemirah is dealing with her loose diapers, but its slowly getting better I think.

Today I suspect will be recooperation day lol. My legs and feet are still sore from being on my feet with the cookie making. Probably hit the laundry, which can be folded sitting down lol.

Thats all for now folks


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