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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday wanderings

We have a fun little stomach bug make its way thru the household this week. At this point, 7 kids have gotten it, which only leaves Katarina. She has a good immune system against this kind of thing anyway, and rarely throws up. I cant even remember the last time she threw up, probably when she was a preschooler or toddler.

Even I got it, thankfully mostly just stomach pain and not repeated throwing up sessions. Andrew felt a little queasy yesterday, so im hoping that was it for him and he doesnt get it full blown. That wouldnt be good with his immune system already compromised.

Back to work today, its been a week and a half, so been a nice break. I dont really miss the work, but i do miss the clients a bit.

Now that im feeling better, its back to trying to get caught up on laundry and housework. fun stuff lol.

God is good all the time!


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