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Friday, June 08, 2007

God is good

Updated below: andrew used my laptop and posted it before it was finished!

God is good , no matter whats going on down here on Earth, but its easier to proclaim when you see tangible evidence of his workings. This week hes provided over and over again and I sit back and watch in amazment at the awesomeness of my God.

Last weekend our freezer bit the dust. We had just filled it up, it had over 400 dollars of meat in there. Our first inclinations were to grab the credit card we paid off this year and get another one. But knowing that wasnt our best solution, I proceeded to call aroudn to various friends asking if anyone had room in their freezers. Amazingly enough, we found places for all the frozen food. Praise God!

So we talked bout it and decided to wait rather than rush out and try to get one that day. We began browsing Craigs list ads, classifieds and put the word out amoung the church. Several leads didnt pan out. We were to look at a craigslist listing later that week. I went to my womens bible study on Tuesday night. We are studying Beth Moore's believing God study. And this type of thing is exactly what she talks bout, believing God that he is who he says he is and can do what he says he can do! So i shared my prayer request for a freezer. Immediately after I finished another lady in the study says you know I had been praying for someone to move this big ole freezer out of my basement since I moved in. She gave us the freezer! Hows that for an immediate answer to a need! God provided in an amazing way.

We did go ahead and look at hte craigslist listing since we were thinking of getting a 2nd one "before" the first one broke. We got that one for 30 bucks as well. God is amazing, he provided our needs with the first freezer and a want with the 2nd. Now we have enough space to freeze more bread and milk, not just the meats and veggies.

I also was praying that God would provided funds for the rest of Katarinas trip to washington DC. I was starting to worry, not only did we have a significant amount of money to earn, we needed to come up with some food and spending money as well. So Im mentally trying to calculate where this all will come from and Im reminded that God says to not be anxious for nothing, so I began praying. I let people know at church and around, that she was available to work so she could earn money for her trip.

Not only has God provided the funds for the trip(its competely paid for) but he has started to provide her food and spending money! He is soo awesome. He provided through some babysitting jobs, a donation and some dog sitting. My grandparents just sent her another 20 in the mail today, praising God for his goodness.

Its another reminder that if we let him, God will fulfill all our needs, sometimes even above and beyond what we expect. As we are facing the rest of this year without most of andrews 2nd job income, Im tempted to worry and fret. I wonder how we will make it with only 200 dollars for food a month. But then I look above and remember God is bigger than all of this and if i let him, he will provide our needs.

God is good all the time


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