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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just for Pastor Tom!

Now that Ive finished the entire birth story. If anyone is still out there reading, thanks for being patient. Should be back to normal ole boring blog posts this week!

I established a summer routine this summer. For the most part it seems to be working. Its loosely based, so for example, if I feel the kids and I need a little sleeping in, well we can delay breakfast. But mostly we are sticking to it. Breakfast is from 8 -830. This prevents children from appearing at my beside at 7 am asking what indeed is for breakfast. Then chores from 830-930, which include their regular chore room and bedroom. If they are done in that hour timeframe, they are allowed their freetime priveleges for the day. If not , they are relegated to playing outside in the yard only. This seems to be working, for most of them are enjoying going biking around town or to the school park to play basketball etc.

Lunch is between 12-1, then quiet time from 1 -2 pm. This is mostly for my sake, I need to have that downtime in which Im not tracking 9 children all over kingdom come. They resist this hour, every day, but I think eventually it will become more routine. I also think its good for them to learn to be quiet, and read, draw or even nap, despite their protests at doing so. Then freetime til 3 pm. 3 is snacktime, along with a chore room tidyup. I think i could get used to this!

I also have been saying yes to computer, gamecube, gameboy much less often, much to their dismay. I told them all, we arent going to fill our entire summer with video games. Rainy days(when it doenst rain 4 days in a row) are good days for those things. What Im noticing though, is the board games are coming out again, the legos are being played with, kickball games are occuring and they are playing more. So despite the complaining, Im inclined to keep the electronic entertaiment down to a dull roar.

Well thats all for now folks, check in, let me know whos with me reading the daily miscellany!


  • At 7:47 AM, Blogger GT said…

    I am so glad you are back blogging again! I wanted to read the rest of the baby story too, but it will be fun just to keep up on your madness on a day-to-day basis again!



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