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Monday, June 18, 2007


My friend Joan was here this weekend. Not only does she love doing laundry and she did; she also loves holding babies. Often she would come up and just take a fussing Gideon out of my arms so i could finish whatever I was trying to do. At the lake, she just held Gideon the entire time, so I got to swim, play wiht the kids and just sit and chat with her. It was an incredible time.

I didnt realize how much I needed the break from the baby. Gideon isnt fully colicky but he definitely is a more fussy baby than some fo the others. So often, the only thing that will calm him is holding him or his vibrating bouncy seat. Since I cosleep with him as well, there isnt often a downtime for me in regards to baby duty. So God provided me a wonderful respite this weekend and IM so thankful for that. It was nice too, she would do all the tricks to calm him, so I didnt feel like i needed to take him right back to get him calm.

I really do miss having her close by but this way we get her for the whole weekend.

God is good ... all the time!


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