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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Laundry Fairy is coming!

Yes, I do indeed have a laundry fairy.

I met Joan 6 yrs ago at an informational girl scout meeting. We wanted to get our girls into girl scouts and they needed leaders. So along with one other mom, renee, we formed troop 681! The three of us worked really well together and friendships were formed.

As I got to know Joan, I discovered she loves to do laundry! She would often drop in for an hour, start a load or two of laundry and help me fold whatever I had sitting around. The chatting was fabulous, its much more fun to fold clothes with a friend! She always says she loves laundry, because it has a beginning, a middle and an end!

I love her daughter ally, too! I call her my other adopted daughter! She is an only child, not by choice and I love including her into our family.

They have visted us once out here since we moved. Joan lasted 1 whole hour before she had to go do laundry! Once while they dogsat for us, i had caught up on laundry, Joan was beside herself with nothing to do! I always threaten to get all the laundry done before she comes!

I cant wait to visit with t hem this weekend!



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