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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I think I had forgotten how rough this stage of babyhood is: the waking up several times a night, the constant eating and needing to be held, the crankyness and just adjusting to a new baby. Add to all of this, the fact that I have 8 other kiddos running around, fighting, negotiating, creating power coups and well its a recipe for insanity at the very least.

Some days are better than others, just the other day I felt motivated enough to sneak out for a walk at naptime. Today, I feel like a puddle of tears and very overwhelmed. This too shall pass, I know that but right now IM living it, so its a lot harder. Add the fact that hubby has been working longer hours and it somtimes feels like we are just seeing each other in passing.

Maybe this is my mountain right now... Maybe IM not supposed to move it ... maybe Im supposed to walk over it. And I think right now Im still trudging up the side, not even halfway there yet. But there will be a peak, God makes sure of that and there will be the fun sled ride down the other side. So Im counting on Gods goodness to get me there, and to be with me every single heavy step of the way. So while it may be hard now, Im counting on the fact that I can make it with Gods help.

God is good ... all the time!


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