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Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Mania

I woke up Ariana this morning for school and she stumbles into the kitchen saying she feels like throwing up. Hmm ... not exactly my favorite words for a monday morning. She definitely is sick, so shes home from school today. Thankfully shes in a pretty good mood in between bouts. The other praise is she is generally old enough to hit the bucket, that helps too!

Andrew is dealing with a cough/cold/scratchy voice, so hes home today as well.

Already ran the van to the mechanics this morning. Im still hoping its somthing other than the alternator but it seems unlikely given the symptoms. It was a nice but cold walk back home. Praising God again for the small town we live in. I love being close enough to the mechanic to walk home without having to catch a ride. With Andrew home sick as well, I didnt have to drag the littles along either. Double praise!

Not much on the agenda today, just taking care of sickies and some laundry. It will be nice to have a low key day.

God is good ... all the time!



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