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Friday, January 04, 2008

Barrage of thoughts

I have lots that I wanted to blog bout. I seem to go about my day and think of much that is blog content yet it seems to never quite appear. Part of it is, everytime I start typing, the kids need something: a diaper change, lunch, or Im watching that I dont step in the lava.

Things are just now getting back into a normal sense of routine for household;still crazy yes but normal nonetheless.

We had an excellent new years albeit different without 3 of the kids around. I much enjoyed the company, the taboo game and of course the artichoke dip. Phrases from that taboo game will live on in infamy. I do have to say there are never quite as funny to other people as they were to the company of the night. Stayed up way way too late, 2 am as a matter of fact. So still paying for that.

New years day brought lots of fun and games. My favorite by far though was the nerf gun war. I guess Im still a bit of a kid at heart and I absolutely loved hiding behind furniture and shooting the children. I might even have taken a bit of enjoyment in shooting my husband as well (shh dont tell). This definitely will be a new family tradition at least once every winter. Now that we all have nerf guns and plenty of darts. We have a water fight every fourth of july and now a nerf gun shootout at the Riemer corral every new years.

I have been doing a lot of pondering over the last years events and I want to blog bout that as well but Ill save that for another post.

I just got back from womens night for our church. I really enjoy getting together with the women of our church, they are a lot of fun. This evening brought a theme in which we were to dress or at least act like a woman of the bible. So my friend Gina and I did a little skit although we didnt dress up. I forgot to bring baby Jesus(we had planned on using Gideon in our little skit) so we improvised. Our parts were pretty easy to guess with Gina sitting at the table doing nothing and me at hte sink washing dishes. Mary and Martha, of course.

My favorite part that we did tonite though was our pillar of salt comic relief. Gina dressed up in a white sheet. We taped a salt label(from a salt container) on her back. I called out Dont look back and she turns around and freezes. The entire room cracked up. It really was a lot of fun!!!

We finished out the night with a game of Taboo. Slightly different scoring odds than the night of new years eve where it was men against women. We were tied for most of the night tonite and barely eeked out a victory!!! Lots of laughs were had though.

God is good ... all the time


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