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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Neat Experience

My husband and I went to a town planning commission meeting last night. They were going to be discussing a concept plan to develop the field behind our house. This would be directly affecting us and our property so we wanted to make our concerns known.

I wasnt really sure how it would go. I didnt know if we would be viewed as "outsiders" since we didnt grow up in this town. The town i grew up in was sort of like that. I also wasnt sure if this was already a done deal and that the community input was not really considered. I was very pleasantly surprised to have a much different experience.

The planning commission not only geninuely listened to everyones input but they really seemed amiable to finding a workable solution to our concerns. In fact the city adminstrator had insisted that the develop go thru the formal process which included a community meeting to make sure input was heard.

It was somewhat complicated because what the planning commision was recommending was only that the parcel be subdivided. But there was some concern with what it would be developed and how the site plan would work. It would include some rezoning issues and while thats not what they were deciding last night, it is a piece of the whole picture. So it was hard to discuss the one without dicussing the next piece of it as well. I was really relieved to find out that the multi family units being proposed are single leval assisted living rather than multi story apt buildings.

Overall I was very pleased with the response from the commission. Andrew did a really great job of putting out our concerns in a concise clear manner without soudning just like a chant of "not in my backyard". He had looked up some sobering stats too in regards to foreclosure rates as well to bring before the commission.

God is good ... alll the time


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