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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gideon is crawling!

It almost brought me to tears last night to see him actually crawling. He has been inchworming/army crawling for awhile now. Recently up on his hands and knees a lot trying to figure it all out. Previous to last night, hed move an arm and collapse.

Last night, at home group no less(showoff lol) he moved his hands and legs twice before collapsing and he made it even further today. My little man is growing up. Its especially poignant with all the struggles hes had along the way. Little by little he is mastering tasks and activities.

Even his talking is changing, we are hearing consantant sounds finally. Praise God! We have been waiting for those sounds for several months.

This has been an amazing journey and one I must say has made me rely on God in ways i havent before. God gets the glory for our little mighty warrior!!!



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