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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The new normal

The last few days have felt the most normal in like a week.

We still mostly are living on one leval, but since its been sanitized downstairs, they can at least go down there. Nathaniel has been enjoying using the open space for his remote control jeep. Zechariah and Josiah are enjoying having a table set up down there with heroscape on it(since the littles arent really allowed down) and they all love the echo it has without carpet.

So when the dog gets underfoot, I can ship him downstairs or send a few kids down to burn off some energy.

The kids went back to school today and Andrew back to work. Im still adjusting to having less space but we are settling into a different sort of normal.

The contractors insurance has the repair estimate. So waiting to hear back on that aspect, our personal property claim will be sent in somtime this week. Im really hoping that the insurance company is quick to resolve this. Zechariah broke down last night, he really misses having his own bed. I think the kids are getting tired of our little camping adventure.

God is good ... all the time



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