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Monday, April 14, 2008


I have felt very blessed to have the house we have. I enjoyed our family room a lot and really loved all the space we have had. We previously had some used furniture downstairs but it was very comfortable and we enjoyed using the space. We were content with replacing furniture as we came across bargains at rummage sales etc.

I never would have envisioned it as it looks today. We are indeed mightly blessed. I feel so blessed that God has allowed us to get some new furniture and to decorate this room. It looks night and day difference from before and IM just amazed at how much I really do like it.

Now that being said, I can say without a shadow of doubt, that I would not "choose" the sewer backup in our basement, not even to get all the new things we have. I see the blessing thru the struggle in this.

Andrew spent a good portion of his day yesterday putting the boys room back together. He was out in the garage at 730 am cutting trim even before church! We even had to make another run into menards to get some boards for Zechariahs bed. Their room looks great! Andrew did a great job on the trim and I love the beds we found for the boys off of craigs list.

Our washer died this week and its another reminder to be thankful for what we have. Somtimes it takes a trip to the laundromat to "remember" how blessed I was to have a washer at home. We are trying to nail down which front loader we are buying. We have already repaired the one we have a month ago, so we have decided its not worth investing another 300+ dollars into it. I may be coming to visit some of you with a load of laundry in tow :)

We also finally settled on which bookcases to purchase and Andrew even got one of those up last night as well. Very productive weekend and Im so thankful to have our basment back again. Still have boxes to go thru and unpack, a dresser to buy, a bedframe for k to track down and some detail work like curtains and a doorknob to put on. Im so thankful for a husband who has worked really hard this weekend to get it all together for us.

God is good ... all the time


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