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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out of sorts

Sort of like our weather today. Its sunny and warm and beautiful out but with a harsh wicked wind. The kind that rips doors right out of your hands. I should be in a good mood and whatnot but I just feel out of sorts like the wind that comes in from nowhere.

Andrew will be late tonite due to a stop at the downtown libary and supper is cooking in the oven. My motivation seems to have been lost by the wayside never to be found again. Dishes pile in the sink, laundry waits to be folded and the kids chatter endlessly.

I did get an appt in this mornign as well as a walmart trip with the 3 littles in tow. So its not like the day didnt hold some accomplishments. It just doesnt feel anywhere near as productive as yesterday was.

Oh well ... there is always tomorrow lol!



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