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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random update

Havent felt much like blogging lately, although the topics come fast and furious to write about.

Our new washer arrived Wednesday and I am so enjoying doing laundry again. We decided on an LG Tromm front loader washer, middle of the line model(so no bright colors or steam options). It is a 4.0 cubic foot washer. Our other front loader was pretty big but it doesnt compare to this one. Previously id end up with a fairly full basket, now im ending up with a basket and a half. It really is a distinct difference in how much i can get in there. Im enjoying the features as well. One particular helpful one is the load sensing feature. It tumbles a load a few times to determine the weight and then give you the size of the load so you can adjust your detergent accordingly. It has little chimes when you turn it on and actually a little tune for the end buzzer sound. I totally love it!

Im really thankful to my friends who helped me out by either taking laundry or letting me do laundry at their house. It really helped out a lot! We ended up only having to make one trip to the laundromat since so many friends helped out. Im really excited too that Im finally feelling like im getting caught up-- woohoo -- thats pretty huge for a family of 11!

I have a spring cold today which definitely puts a damper on my energy. Overall dont feel really great either with headache and sore throat, but this too shall pass. I planned a low key day today with the kids watching movies and me doing laundry. So i could rest a bit in between at least. Andrew is bringing home pizza for dinner, so thats a blessing as well!

Looking forward to the weekend, no huge plans, so mostly just hanging out with hubby and the kids! One of these days, maybe saturday even, i reallly need to tackle my bedroom and dig out the mess.

While Ive been doing laundry I have been pulling out winter clothes(not all of them of course this is minnesota) and then putting them away in their respective tubs. I already pulled out most of the summer stuff. We are shy on a bunch but we will hit rummage sales to fill in the gaps. I also started more of rummage sale piles, as im not keeping everything. That feels good to pare down as well.

Its been raining all day, so I guess it was a good movie day. Andrew has worship practice tonite and the two girls have dance but i am trying to motivate the rest to finish chores by offering wii turns tonite!

Well thats all for now folks, God is good ... all the time



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