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Monday, June 16, 2008

Part 3

Saturday morning dawned with my very first opportunity to try a starbucks coffee.
REally, had I wanted to, I could have had one well before now but I didnt.

The first clerk looked absolutely incredulous that I had not ever had starbucks before. She asked with a rather dumbfounded look where in the world did i live. So there was a fair amount of discussion over what to have me try. Finally they settled on a black and white mocha with a pump of vanilla added. It really was tasty. Now I at least know what to order next time I go in lol.

The kicker was at the end when the clerk, a fairly young guy, asked if my friend and I were sisters. We look nothing alike at all, although we are the exact same age minus about 14 hours or so. It was rather amusing the rest of the weekend joking bout which one of us he thought was the older one. And whether or not that was a hit on line.

I know we knocked a few more things off the to see list, but my brain is not remembering exactly what. But i know as afternoon approached we headed over the space needle park to meet some online friends of mine. Both groups of friends were running late so Nikki and I took some time to take some pics. They had a cool fountain that had some neat artist benches , each designed differently , around the walkway of the fountain. It provided good picture fodder and lots of fun.

So eventually my friend, Libby and her two girls arrived. So more picture taking ensued. Then we took her girls on some rides while waiting for the others. Eventually the latecomers all managed to meet up! It really was neat to meet some of the friends that I have shared joys and sorrows with over the internet. One I had talked with via phone, the rest was either message boards or email or IM. We ate lunch at the food court area there and then wandered out near the space needle area.

Quickly we were distracted by a sight. There was a group of musicians playing music along the boulevard and a crowd of people was gathered. Although IM not sure the crowd was entirely there just for the music, it was the dancing granny that drew my attention. A uniquely dressed older lady was having the time of her life dancing away to the music. I mean she was putting on a show in her own right. At a couple of points, she started taking off a jacket and then gloves and we were wondering if this was going to stay G rated. Thankfully it did. Eventually we tore ourselves away from the entertainment and got in line for the space needle.

I enjoyed the view and a chance to take some fun pictures with my friends. Although time was short and they soon had to go home.

Part 4 to follow!



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