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Monday, September 15, 2008

I've tried to write

The words arent flowing as easily as I want them to, so I delay blogging. Part of it is a friend and member of our church died two weeks ago and things just havent felt the same since. I want to write bout him and how this has changed my perspective but I cant seem to find the words right now. So I will put that aside for the moment but I do plan on trying to blog bout it all.

We have celebrated two birthdays in the time span since I blogged last. Zemirah turned 3, which we celebrated with a party at the lake. And Elijah turned 9, yes I said 9. Since hes the last of the pattern of 4 boys in a row, I tend to think of him as little or young. 9 just seems old. He had a sleepover party this weekend and stayed up "all" night.

We have had hand/foot/mouth disease going thru the house. Most of the kids seem to either have had it or developed immunities. I suspect Zemirah had a mild case, as she only got a fever but Gideon had a good case and now Elijah. He is rather disapointed to ruining his perfect attendence, missing gym class(his favorite) and of course breakfast pizza at school.

A bunch of the rest of us has gotten a cold and the resulting cough/running nose/dragging energy. So we are plugging away as best as we can.

Busy week ahead, as usual. Cross country practices and two races, a football practice and game, fall musical tryouts, bible quiz practice, therapies for Gideon, and of course the lester prairie garage sales at the end of the week. Im most looking forward to the fact I have nothing scheduled today other than picking up J from CC practice later.

Well gotta run, diaper changes, laundry and dishes await me.

God is good ... all the time


  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    I am sorry about your friend- hope your house is healing!!


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