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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A discussion

Ive had a discussion with my body and Ive told it that I really dont have the time or energy for chronic pain. Thus far it really hasnt listened. Its days like this I really am reminded that I have a chronic disease that affects my body and how it works.

Its the times when the over the counter medicines are wearing off hours before I can take anymore. When just opening a can with the can opener is making me cringe. Not to mention trying to lift 33 lb Gideon.

Im trying to figure out how really not to complain and give it to God. Its hard cause it hurts and while in the past, it was primarily the wrists, this time its the wrists, finger joints, elbows and knees. So its progessively gotten more involved. Im trying to hang in til friday when I see the rhemotologist. This disease is primarily diagnosed on symptoms and its good for the doctor to see an active flare up. Then Im assuming she will give me a short term course of prednisone. With the past 3 flare ups, thats what it took to stop the joint pain. After IM done nursing, i can go on a preventive med that is supposed to prevent flareups, but we shall see.

I do know though that lack of sleep definitively makes my flare ups worse and increases my risk of seizures too. So I really need to work on making sure Im getting to bed at a decent hour, especially since Elaura wakes me up a couple times a night.

Im praying that I can learn to manage the disease and not be constantly complaining!

God is good ... all the time


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