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Monday, December 01, 2008

Lots of things

It seems that I have far more blog topics than I do time. I often think I really should blog bout that and yet it really never occurs. Part of it is time, and part of it is energy.

I have been thinking more about my lupus lately. Mostly I think because of the joint pain and the amount of medicine Im taking. Taking a handful of ibuprofen makes you wonder -- what is this really doing to my body. Yet the ability to function far outweighs my worry of what the pain meds are doing. Somedays its not bad at all and i take nothing and other days I find myself asking the kids to help much more.

Then I start thinking bout fatigue and wonder how exactly are you supposed to tell the difference between being tired from lupus and being tired from being a mom of a newborn and 9 other munchkins, is there a difference? Most of the times when im extremely tired, it corresponds to a direct lack of sleep or other factors, so I tend to put the blame there rather than on the disease. There are days when i feel fabulous and those tend to outweigh the rough stuff and I wonder was the doctor really right and how much of this is all in my head. Then I remember, that the results from the bloodwork cant be all in my head. See I think too much these days.

Tommorrow we see the genecist for Gideon and Im really looking forward to asking her some question about a potential diagnosis for Gideon. So my thoughts are often on that topic and then I have to redirect them to remembering that God is in control. We also have started the process of testing a couple of kids for adhd and other things, so thats on my mind as well. Then everyone seems to commment on how tiny Elaura is, and I start wondering is she really gaining weight. I think im going to take her in for a weight check today since she hasnt gotten up to birth weight yet. So definitely a lot of praying as I think thru this stuff.

On a lighter note, I really want to decorate for christmas but my laundry pile is threatening to not only take over the storage room but the entire house. Soo I really should leave the christmas boxes in the garage and work on the laundry instead.

Also trying to sneak in the last of the medical appts since our deductible is met, so lots of calling and arranging schedules. As well as planning our christmas vacation. Thankfully almost all of our christmas shopping is done. We have one gift yet to pick up for one child(Thank God for online shopping, it was so nice to get most of it done that way) and a few misc relative gifts to finalize but thats it.

Well enough ramblings, God is good ... all the time, even when my mind wanders all over the place!



  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    WOW- just WOW and you have time to blog! just WOW- I hope you get all your appts in by the end of the month!! WOW- I look at my little world with my one child and then there is your's with your soccer team- well almost- :) Hang in there!! God is good- he is very very good!!!

  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger Michelle said…

    MJ, many times my lupus causes me to be even more tired than just running after my kids do. I know what you mean though about not knowing which is causing which. I have found that if I get too exhausted from the kids it brings on a lupus flair. It's a delicate balance and I can't tell you I've found that balance yet!

    You and your family are always in my prayers. Love to all of you :)


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