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Thursday, January 12, 2006

I escaped last night

from the institution ... ha ha ha! Okay not really. A friend of mine, who lives down the street had her baby this week and I got to visit her in the hospital sans kids.

Completely, totally, without kids not even my tagalong, my 4 month old baby. Of course she did not cooperate with the plan and take the expressed bottle at all. It was lovely despite dear hubby having a rough night, I dont feel one bit guilty. I needed that 2 hour break away from the chaos, the fights, the demands of infant care.

I do feel bad that dh had a rough time with the kids . I guess he couldnt find the duct tape.

Todays adgenda includes snuggling with a baby girl, roping a strong willed toddler and keeping the mischief out of the eyes of a 5 yr old.


  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger Anna said…

    I have come to the conclusion that if we don't take time out for ourselves once in a while that we will self destruct. Without small breaks from our families we will turn into Ms. Hanigans and go around chanting "Little kids, little kids, everywhere we look - we can SEE them..." Husbands, that would NOT be a pretty sight. Thankfully we married wonderful men who realize how much we need this break and allow us to enjoy ourselves while they suffer for a short while! Hopefully you came back with a better frame of mind and a little more energy from spending time with a friend!

  • At 10:37 PM, Blogger Angi said…

    Escaping the institiution is one of my favorite things! lol. Glad you got a break.


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