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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ramblings thoughts of insanity ahead

I keep wanting to blog about somthing but while away from the computer, tons of posts come to mind, none seem to flow out when im here.

After a rough start to the day ... the kids couldnt seem to get it together, they either were tattling, fighting or just plain not doing chores, the day has progressed better. A nice long conversation from a good friend, helped tremendously. Not only do i get to vent out some stuff and be her listening ear, I clean while i talk as well. I cannot stay still and talk on the phone, so i got the recycling sorted and took out, the laundry started and sorted, part of the kitchen picked up and the dining room picked upa nd swept.

I have decided for some personal reasons as well as to get my weight under control to lay off the chocolate and excess sugar. Except cappachinos, a woman has to live somehow! So far two days in, not doing so well at all, half the day yesterday was good, til i found a stray candy bar in the fridge. Thankfully its gone now and can no longer tempt me. Donuts found their way into my van this morning ... but I am going to keep trying til i kick this junk eating habit in hand. Sigh ... its a lot harder than i thought it would be.

Well thats all for now, more later


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