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Monday, July 10, 2006

Its the waiting that gets to me

We got word today that the buyer is likely backing out on the deal. He didnt get the loan he wanted and the one he does qualify for is high interest. He supposedly is going to let us know for sure by end of the day today.

We are a week from closing, the majority of the house is packed up, closings are scheduled, everything is in order and now this? I am trying not to panic and be fearful, after all God is bigger than this tiny blip on the radar screen but its easy to get discouraged. Its likely though if the buyer backs out , we will lose the other house, i believe, but dont knwo for sure, they have a nother buyer lined up behind us. We just showed the kids the house yesterday and now they are all excited as well. Gives new meaning to trusting God though.

Especially just sitting here waiting for that phone call with news one way or the other. I do know this, no matter what, God still reigns on high, even if things are fallign apart done here, I know God is good ... all the time.



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