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Friday, July 07, 2006

Slow progress day

Only got 3 boxes packed today, although one was a extra large tall box. Hoping to make some good progess tommorow since a home group from our church is taking the kids for about 4 hrs.

Im getting to the point where I dont quite know where to pack. I have already packed the clothes, whats left we need to wear. I packed a good bit of the kitchen, left out what we need for cooking. Closets are emptied mostly, books and movies and games packed. I did the back porch today. Guess I will just need to start tackling random things and labeling the boxes well.

Still need to go thru papers , yuck, one of my least favorite jobs. Contractor made it over today and did some painting, but needs to do some more painting tommorrow and supposedly the carpet will get put in next week. Once thats finished, we can collect our boxes in that room and really determine how much crap we have accumulated and what size truck we will need.

Well best get to that paper pile, i have 3 boxes full, at least this time around we own a shredder!



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