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Friday, December 15, 2006

Morning all

It seems we are on the well trend again, I pray we stay there! No one is throwing up and dirrhea troubles seem to be minimal if at all. And at this point only Katarina hasnt gotten it yet and she tends to not catch the stomach bugs easily.

My ultrasound is tonite at 6 pm, so if the little bugger cooperates, we will see if it a boy or girl. With 5 boys and 3 girls, my eldest daughter is highly rooting for the girl. As for me, im pretty ambilivent but leaning toward wanting a boy. But she just said I cannot tell people I have 6 brothers lol.

Then my aunt and uncle are coming over to visit tonite ,Im very much looking forward to that. And will help motivate me to get my cleaning done today.

Also need to go to the pharmacy and pick up some prescriptions. Thankfully I think its supposed to be nicer temps again today, so the walk shouldnt be too bad.

Well thats all for now, kids are starting to rise.



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