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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wheres the calgon when you need it

Im running away ... I dont know where Im going or how im getting there but Im just going.

Zemirah has been crabby all week and in particular today, not sure if its a combination of teething and not feelign good or just habit. So that drains on me.

The older kids have me up all in arms, tattling, fighting, argueing. Ugh ... I even allowed them to go out and play for awhile(its a beautiful day) before starting chores, do you think they could do that. No its so and so is stepping on me in the treee, so and so is going out the downstrs door, so and so is putting honey on the toast, so and so is wearing this coat, ugh.

Katarina is up in arms bout not being allowed to play a certain section in band cause she messed up a fingering. But with the attitude she is displaying there is no talking or reasoning wiht her right now.

I just want the calgon and I want to go away for awhile ... not to work, I dont come back refreshed from there , just tired. But away... sigh unfortunely timewise isnt much opportunity for that to be happening either.

Maybe its time for mandatory naps! :)
Thats all for now folks!


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