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Thursday, January 11, 2007

God is Good!

Had the leval 2 ultrasound this morning, early this morning(730 am lol).
Which meant getting up at 545 to get everyone up and dressed and out the door. We couldnt get a sitter for such an early morning appt, so the little ones tagged along. Thankfully, planning ahead and bringing mini cookies made it fairly easy to manage them. They really did good, stayed mostly quiet and not too rambunctious in the little room. Ariana enjoyed watching the screen and seeing the baby. Ezekiel pronounced the baby "scary", "big scary" lol, i suppose to his little mind, it doesnt quite look like a baby but mroe like a blob at times.

The result, baby looks great and they dont think he has down syndrome, which was the main concern with the abnormal results. They looked for specific other characterics, of which he has none. Praising God for a healthy beautiful baby boy, which they confirmed two more times lol. They said 85 percent of babies with the thicker neck fold have other probs they can check for. So not complete assurance but pretty darn close.

Im also very thankful that the doc didnt go into all these what if scenarios. The tech had already really went over everythign with us, she was fantastic and very forthcoming on what she was doing and looking for. Doc basically confirmed it and said that everything looks normal.

Ultrasound dates though were a week earlier than they have been, which would put me at april 22nd. i doubt they will change anything at this point but I think this is the first time the dates have put me earlier rather than later like they typically do.

Im ever so thankful God gave me the sense of peace . Even if the results were different than we had wanted them to be, I still feel i would be at peace with what hes given us. God is good .. all the time!


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