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Monday, January 22, 2007

Good but Tiring weekend

We had friends of mine from high school come and stay for the weekend. This is the 4th time we have visited together and really enjoy just hanging out for the weekend together. Their kids and our kids get along well together as well. So all in all everyone has a lot of fun.

This time, they brought a bingo game and a box full of full little prizes and we spent the afternoon bingoing. They added a twist to it, by allowing the person who just bingoed, to trade their present with any of the ones already opened. Lots of trading went on over the big hershey kiss lol. We plan to make it a regular event of our visits to each other. So the hunt is on now, for clearance prizes :) So the next time we visit them(its our turn) we can bring half the prizes.

The kids enjoyed a weekend of staying up late. Their family typically stays up much later than ours, but they also have the benefit of sleeping in too! We let ours stay up late, but they still get up early! Last nite after our friends left, our tempers were a bit heated, so not enough sleep defitniely added to that.
And we are dragging a bit this morning from several nights of staying up late. Andrew is the one who has it tougher today as hes working both jobs. Thankfully I dont have to work today, so i can relax and hopefully catch a nap. Although I really want to get going on laundry. I made some good progress last week on the gigantic pile and im a bit anxious to see what i can accomplish this week.

God is good ... all the time!


  • At 10:26 AM, Blogger Andrew said…

    It was not just that our tempers were heated. We were fighting and we were both out of line.


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